uit = uitable создает табличный компонент ... MATLAB ® вызывает ... App Designer использует этот тип фигуры ...
Table UI components display rows and columns of data in an app. The uitable function creates a table UI component and sets any required properties before displaying it. By changing property values, you can modify certain aspects of its appearance and behavior. Use dot notation to refer to a specific object and property.
addStyle (uit,s) adds a style created with the uistyle function to the specified table UI component. The style is applied to the whole table. The table must be parented to a figure created with the uifigure function, or to one of its child containers. Table Array Data Types in App Designer Apps Table arrays are useful for storing tabular data as MATLAB ® variables. For example, you can call the readtable function to create a table array from a spreadsheet. Table UI components, by contrast, are user interface components that display tabular data in apps.
MATLAB; App 构建; 以编程方式开发 App; 基于 uifigure 的 App; MATLAB; App 构建; 以编程方式开发 App; 基于 figure 的 App; uitable; 本页内容; 语法; 说明; 示例. 显示表数组数据; 更新排序显示数据的可视化; 将样式添加到表中的特定单元格; 显示由数字组成的数组; 显示混合数据 ...
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